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0003900Java Client POS(No Category)public2006-08-26 04:012008-10-07 11:57
0003900: More Ideas?
1. Ability to see every statistics( exp x many people
use y coupon and of those t came from this post code
and f came from this postcode)
2.Ability to generate unique coupon barcodes by
specfing specific ranges(example 1000-1999 posted on
website through script and 2000-3999 mailed directly)
after one use that coupon is automatically
in validated.
3. Gift Certificate barcode generation(copy and paste
say ranges 100-300(or import bmp and assign barcode
and other custom field locations) and 400-500
barcodes to the online generator) this should be
fully trackable.

Vendor contacts(click and autodial/auto fax previous

POS Features
1. Signature Capture, use signature capture pads to
accept signature instead of paper.
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