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0038996: [RR18Q3] It is possible to pick an option in the "To keep" section of Cash Up in a way the Next button keeps disabled
In Step 3 of 4 of Cashup process, the Next button is shown as disabled until the user picks one of the options with the amount to keep. A quick tap might pick the desired option but not enable the Next button.
1. Open the Cashup process in webPOS
2. Reach the "Select Cash to keep" section
3. Note all the four options are not selected and the button Next is disabled.
4. Make a quick tap on some of the options. In some cases, the option tapped will be selected while the Next button remains disabled. See attached screenshot.
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png CashSelectionError-Cashup.png (65,415) 2018-07-19 13:33
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