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0038956Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2018-07-13 13:412018-07-13 14:22
0038956: [RR18Q3] "Save" button is active in spite of not having anything to save in the Customer editting popups
The Save button is active although no modifications have been made when editting the customer information in the popups to do so (Edit Customer, Edit Customer
Address). This could lead to unnecesarily using said button to dismiss the line to be editted (and thus creating unnecesary load on the server), as well as to
the issue related to this one.
0. Log in the Web POS
1. Click on either the Customer or the Customer Address buttons of the ticket
2. Click Search, open the contextual menu of any line, and click on the "Edit" button
3. NOTICE that the "Save" button is active by default, even if no lines have been editted
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related to defect 0038960 new Retail [RR18Q3] Repeatedly using the "Save" button in the "Edit Customer Address" window can make it become unusable 
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