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0038935: Wrong check leads to infinite loop,which results in many requests being done from store to central server
In this issue [1] a check was added so that when a request from the store to the central server failed, the store server checked the central server availability before going offline.

The condition in the while loop is wrong, and if the central server is actually available, the while will become an infinite loop, and new availability requests will be made constantly from the store to the central server

[1] [^]
Check this loop [1]. If the central is available, the isAvailable variable will be true, so the loop check will evaluate to true always.

[1] [^]
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related to design defect 0038505 closed AugustoMauch Before going offline do extra ping request 
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Repository: erp/pmods/
Changeset: b9c82db30a89d9f76e62ff6d59b115fd03fd3714
Author: Augusto Mauch <augusto.mauch <at>>
Date: Wed Jul 11 18:03:34 2018 +0200
URL: [^]

Fixes issue 38935: Prevents infinite loop if isAvailable is set to true in loop

M src/org/openbravo/mobile/core/servercontroller/
2018-07-12 08:47