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0038797Openbravo ERPB. User interfacepublic2018-06-20 16:332018-07-06 12:25
0038797: Hidden items by display logic use space
In "Discounts and promotions" window , in "Definition" section,
The hidden fields by display logic use space, producing a strange behavior that looks like some items don't have fields, when in really they are quite below.
- Navigate to "Discounts and promotions" window.
- Double click in "disc_fixed_5_perc" to open in form view.
- Expand the "Definition" section
- Looks like there is nothing, but there is a field in the bottom

- Apart if you select another discount, for example "Discretionary Fixed Amount", the "definition" section has strange layout.
The not displayed fields probably should not use space
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2018-07-06 12:25   
As per design fields hidden by display logic reserve their space both horizontally and vertically. The rationale is those fields can be shown/hidden based on values that are being edited in different fields so moving could result strange.

DBA, can you comment if current behavior is correct or it should be redesigned?