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0038691Openbravo LocalizationsLocalization Francepublic2018-06-04 10:382020-09-29 10:02
0038691: France Professional Localization Pack incompatible with Oracle
Installed module in an Oracle environment and, when rebuilding the system or updating the database, an error is thrown.

- Install France Professional Localization Pack
- Rebuild the system/update database
- Error is thrown
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caused by feature request 0038705 acknowledged platform Openbravo ERP DB Functions returning CLOB type are not supported in Oracle 
txt errorLogFranceLocalization.txt (606,207) 2018-06-04 12:41
diff patch83.diff (5,835) 2018-08-22 12:23
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2018-06-06 09:59   
Hi Daniel,

As it seems there is an error in Openbavo you can see below in [1]. We do not support functions that retrieve a concrete type (TEXT) in Oracle.

We have found such fucntion in one of your modules: modules/fr.phidias.localization.france.referencedata.masterdata/src-db/database/model/functions/PHMDF_SPELLNUMERICVALUE.xml

Therefore, is there any option to change/modify that function in your code so it can compile in Oracle?

Thanks and regards,


[1] [^]
2018-06-07 16:22   
Sorry Daniel,

let me clarify a bit. Would you please adjust that function so it is possible to compile and make it work?

That will give us the right basis to design the changes we would need to do to fix the issue 38705.

Thanks and regards,

2018-06-07 16:22   
Hi Daniel,

Do you have any news on this?

While researching we have found another issue caused by a component that tries to execute below select: select * from phmdf_recalculate_bank_accno('0')
As far as we know above is select can not be executed that way in Oracle.

Please let me know if the Professional Pack is designed to work on Oracle installations. Can you fix these issues that are related to Oracle?

Let me know if we can support you on this somehow.
2018-08-22 12:23   
(edited on: 2018-08-22 12:24)
email sent by Phidias dated on July 27th:

Concernant ce problème concernant un environnement de développement, donc d'un niveau trivial, nous allons le corriger dans la future version du pack de localization qui est prévue en octobre.

Un développeur ( Stefan Huehner) de chez Openbravo a modifié le module Phidias de localisation fr.phidias.localization.france.referencedata.masterdata en supprimant la fonction qui posait problème sans autorisation de Phidias. Le correctif est donc chez Openbravo mais voici en pièce jointe le fix à appliquer.

In English:

Regarding this problem concerning a development environment, so a trivial level, we will correct it in the future version of the localization pack that is planned for October.

A developer (Stefan Huehner) from Openbravo modified the phidias module for localization fr.phidias.localization.france.referencedata.masterdata by removing the function that caused problems without permission from Phidias. So the fix is Openbravo but here is the fix to apply.

See file patch83.diff

2018-08-23 18:07   
Hallo Patricia,
quick info here for the record (more already sent per mail).

- That change quoted was done by me with explicit prior ok from Daniel
- It was done in mercurial repository of phidias
- It fixes the oracle problem which is being discussed here
- But the fix was not published which is why installing from MMC still fails
2019-02-15 13:39   
Issue changed as scheduled for the localizer to update the status of this issue. This issue is already resolved. Please update it properly.
email also sent.
2020-09-29 10:02   
Resolved as invalid because this issue refers to Phidias professional localization pack do not compiling in Oracle.