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0038580Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2018-05-18 09:472022-02-01 08:07
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0038580: Remove AutologonAuthenticationManager
This authentication manager allows to bypass authentication by defining the user to be used for all Openbravo logins.

This is intentend only for testing, never for production and therefore it should be removed from standard code base.
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related to defect 0038566 closed caristu Autologon and AuthenticationManagers using SSO not working 
related to defect 0042677 new Triage Platform Base Incorrect Tomcat error message on deprecation when using the Autologon with the ERP 
related to defect 0042676 new Triage Platform Base Tomcat error appears when navigating to the ERP landing page with the Autologon feature active 
blocks design defect 0032688 acknowledged Triage Platform Base remove unused resources 
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