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0038296Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2018-04-08 16:512022-02-01 08:07
Triage Platform Base 
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0038296: Review & cleanup build.xml
This is an umbrella task to keep track of changes to build up the various build.xml files
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depends on feature request 0006125 new Triage Platform Base The description of the ant tasks should be set as descriptions of the task and not as comments of the build.xml. 
depends on feature request 0037500 closed shuehner Stop running 'hg id' during ant tasks (install.source & compilation) 
depends on design defect 0015290 acknowledged Triage Platform Base Revise all incremental file-copying in build process if it should do sync (with deleting old files) instead 
depends on feature request 0035324 closed platform Raise minimal supported ant version from very old 1.7 to 1.9.x 
depends on defect 0027700 acknowledged Triage Platform Base build.apply subfolder is not deleted in install.source 
depends on feature request 0024250 new shuehner ad_registration_info + ad_system_info tables should be loaded via ADRD 
depends on feature request 0028703PR21Q3 closed shuehner dbmanager.jar & src-db/src removal 
depends on design defect 0014600 scheduled Triage Platform Base update.database.script does 'wrong' changes compare to normal update.database 
depends on design defect 0014604 scheduled Triage Platform Base Review usefulness of 'ant create.database.script' and perhaps remove it 
depends on defect 0039140 closed alostale Remove -Drestart=yes option from smartbuild, as tomcat restart should be always done via OS 
depends on defect 0039141 closed alostale remove leftover ant tomcat.reload ant task as usage from MMC of it was removed years ago. 
depends on design defect 0039212 closed shuehner Small cleanup of build.xml (simplify smartbuild antcalls, remove obsolete db.apply.modules & apply.on.update) 
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