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0038152Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2018-03-15 17:302022-02-01 08:08
Triage Platform Base 
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0038152: Fix more javadoc warnings active by default in JDK 9
On issue 0037825 some javadoc warnings were fixed: those that appeared because in java9 a subset of -Xdoclint:html is activated by default.

But there are still some other javadoc warnings that appear when running ant with JDK9 (see attached output).
1) Build openbravo using JDK9
2) In build.xml file, remove -Xdoclint:missing line from generate.javadoc.jdk9
3) Run ant
Fix javadoc comments
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related to defect 0037825 closed shuehner Fix new javadoc warnings active by default in JDK 9 
related to feature request 0037083 closed alostale support JDK 9 
related to feature request 0038130 closed caristu support JDK 11 
related to defect 0040309 closed alostale can't generate javadoc with JDK 11.0.2 
txt javadocWarns.txt (46,074) 2018-03-15 17:30
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