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0038000Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2018-02-26 13:412018-03-14 19:17
0038000: API change for ExternalConnectionPool.getInstance(String) method due to [deprecation] newInstance() warning removal
JDK 9 deprecates clazz.newInstance() method[1]. This is because this method effectively bypasses the compile-time exception checking that would otherwise be performed by the compiler.

To avoid this problem, this call can be replaced by clazz.getDeclaredConstructor().newInstance(). This sequence of calls is inferred to be able to throw the additional exception types InvocationTargetException and NoSuchMethodException.

Apply this internal replacement (see issue 0037943) in the getInstance(String) method of the ExternalConnectionPool class, forces to declare the thrown of this two exception types in this method declaration, which is an API change.

[1] [^]
In description
Replace current declaration:

public final synchronized static ExternalConnectionPool getInstance(
       String externalConnectionPoolClassName) throws InstantiationException,
      IllegalAccessException, ClassNotFoundException {

With just:

public static final synchronized ExternalConnectionPool getInstance(
      String externalConnectionPoolClassName) throws ReflectiveOperationException {

as ReflectiveOperationException is a superclass for all the exceptions we can possible throw with this method.
related to defect 0037943 closed jarmendariz Openbravo ERP JDK 9: remove [deprecation] newInstance() in Class warnings 
related to defect 0038095 closed jarmendariz Modules Handle new Exceptions thrown by ExternalConnectionPool.getInstance 
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Author: Javier Armendáriz <javier.armendariz <at>>
Date: Tue Mar 13 09:47:00 2018 +0100
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Fixes issue 38000: Handle new Exception thrown by newInstance method

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