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0037903Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2018-02-12 12:182018-02-13 19:01
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RR17Q4 [^]
0037903: When Incremental fails POS gets unestable.
When an incremental refresh fails in the login process the POS gets unstable.
- Login in Web POS
. Create and order, paid it fully and press SCAN button
- Add a breakpoint in
- Press F5 and you will see the breakpoint stopping the execution
- POS moves to offline and the resume the execution(F8 in Eclipse)
- ERROR! BP and BPL is empty, then is set, then empty again
- ERROR! Document Number empty, then is set, then empty again
- ERROR! Total is 0, then is set to the real total, then empty again
- ERROR! If we go to payment panel, Done button is not there or if it is there, pressing it makes POS to fail.
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blocks defect 0037884 closed migueldejuana When Incremental fails POS gets unestable. 
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2018-02-13 15:49   
Repository: retail/backports/3.0RR17Q4.1/
Changeset: 69e8795b9a78d3aa996f5f1e62be9c8f5a46d744
Author: Miguel de Juana <miguel.dejuana <at>>
Date: Tue Feb 13 15:47:36 2018 +0100
URL: [^] [^]

Fixed issue 0037884: When Incremental fails POS gets unestable.

- We must stop the incremental refresh if one model fails because we don't need to retrieve data because we have enough data to work. Doing a full refresh we need to continue retrieving models to charge them and failed models will be charged in the next try of login.

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2018-02-13 17:02   
Repository: retail/backports/3.0RR17Q4.1/
Changeset: c80895e3f445bbb8950d5a74a7d0607f5e73b9f6
Author: Miguel de Juana <miguel.dejuana <at>>
Date: Tue Feb 13 17:02:18 2018 +0100
URL: [^]

Fixed issue 0037903: When Incremental fails POS gets unestable.

- Case when the backend returns error will now be handled correctly on incremental.

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