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0037857Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2018-02-08 09:112018-02-22 18:19
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0037857: Wrong FIC Request after selecting all records in a grid with hundreds of lines
Wrong FIC Requests are being generated after selecting all records in a grid that has lots of lines. The Request-URI exceeds the supported length (see attached image).
1) As F&B group admin, go to the [Sales Order] window.
2) Remove the implicit filter by clicking on the funnel icon.
3) In the header, scroll down until all records are retrieved.
4) Using the "select all" checkbox, select all the records.
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related to defect 0029746 closed caristu unneded FIC request on record selection in some windows 
related to defect 00275333.0PR14Q4 closed alostale context information is sent as a query string parameter when calculating defaults in process definition windows 
related to defect 00205223.0MP12 closed guilleaer Attachment icon does not work fine in grid view 
png request-uri-too-long.png (387,911) 2018-02-08 09:11
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2018-02-08 18:12   
Repository: erp/devel/pi
Changeset: 81994596bc5163f08b8841209eb6a8cdbd6f9bf0
Author: Carlos Aristu <carlos.aristu <at>>
Date: Thu Feb 08 18:10:27 2018 +0100
URL: [^]

fixes bug 37857: Wrong FIC request after selecting hundreds of records

  The MULTIPLE_ROW_IDS parameter contains the ids of the selected records that are sent to the FIC. They are used to check if there exists attachments within the selection and in that case enable the attachment button of the toolbar or display the number of attachments of the current record in case we are in form view.

  This information was being sent as part of the request URL in the HTTP header which in case of having hundreds of records, the maximum size allowed for the request URL was being exceeded.

  To fix this problem, now the MULTIPLE_ROW_IDS parameter is sent within the body of the FIC request.

M modules/org.openbravo.client.application/src/org/openbravo/client/application/window/
M modules/org.openbravo.client.application/web/org.openbravo.client.application/js/toolbar/ob-toolbar.js
2018-02-09 09:16   
Repository: erp/devel/pi
Changeset: 7a23607a0b6cce98d0c68bea9a301fdf99e542d7
Author: Asier Lostalé <asier.lostale <at>>
Date: Fri Feb 09 09:15:50 2018 +0100
URL: [^]

related to bug 37857: minor optimizations

  * FIC uses multiple ids only for attachemnts, we can initialize it only in that case
  * In convertJSONArray use more generic variable name
  * In convertJSONArray we know which will be the array size, so it can be initialized
    using it

M modules/org.openbravo.client.application/src/org/openbravo/client/application/window/
2018-02-09 09:17   

reviewed and applied some minor improvements
2018-02-22 18:19   
A changeset related to this issue has been promoted main and to the
Central Repository, after passing a series of tests.

Promotion changeset: [^]
Maturity status: Test
2018-02-22 18:19   
A changeset related to this issue has been promoted main and to the
Central Repository, after passing a series of tests.

Promotion changeset: [^]
Maturity status: Test