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0037812Retail ModulesReturn Receiptpublic2018-02-01 17:342023-07-11 08:50
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0037812: [RR18q1] Potential functional loop with returns and multiple currencies
In case the terminal accepts multiple currencies, it might happen that a return could not be completed if there is not enough cash in one currency to the whole return. See steps.
1. Use a terminal with no cash (i.e. keeping 0 for everything after a recent cashup)
2. Create a ticket by adding the Camping Pack, for a total of 385€
3. Pay 200 USD and 232.84 EUR
4. Now select the option "Verified Returns" and seek for the ticket created above.
5. Click the total amount to return the money. Since there is no enough money in the drawer to return 385€, a message saying that there is not enough cash is shown. Neither I can return the money the customer gave me (Warning message "Solve first payments issues to add more payments"). Neither I can return USA Cash since I do not have enough to return the total amount, even I should be able to return to the customer 200 USD and 232.84 EUR
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related to defect 0042143 acknowledged Retail [19Q4] It is not possible to return cash for a Cancelled Layaway in more than one currency 
patch issue 37812 source posterminal.patch (25,671) 2018-03-28 08:14
patch issue 37812 source test.patch (6,682) 2018-03-28 08:14
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