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0037647: LogClient should not be sent if session is not valid
Currently logclient is always sent, even if the WebPOS already detected that session is no longer valid, and that the user must log in again. This wastes network bandwidth, which can in some cases be problematic.

Instead, the process should not be run if the session is not valid, and should only be restarted when the user logs in again.
- Log in the WebPOS, with the "Network" tab in developer tools open.
- Restart tomcat (to force session lost)
- Wait some time.
- At some point, the WebPOS detects that the session is lost, and shows the popup that explains the user that he needs to log in again.
- Wait more time. Check the "Network" tab, and realize that the log client request is still triggered periodically. This doesn't make sense, as it wastes bandwidth without any chance of succeeding.
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Repository: retail/backports/3.0RR17Q3.3/
Changeset: b8cfda4c7c687e56fa3f18674e7de32d115240ab
Author: Antonio Moreno <antonio.moreno <at>>
Date: Mon Jan 22 13:45:05 2018 +0100
URL: [^]

Fixed issue 37647. LogClient request will no longer happen if session was lost. Added API to enable/disable log client process, with two main goals:
-Disable the interval when session is lost, to remove unnecessary overhead
-Try to prevent potential duplicate calls to the log client process

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