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0037362: The financial account configuration for a payment method is not taken into account to create reconciliations in the cashup
When a cashup is closed, transactions created during that cashup are reconciled adn the money is moved to the financial account defined on the Close events for each payment method.
The "automatic deposit" flag of the payment method defines if these reconciliations should be created or not.
This flag can be found on the generic Payment Method configuration, and also on the Financial Account Payment method configuration (which should override the generic configuration).

The problem is that in order to decide if reconciliations should be created or not, the generic configuration is being taken into account, instead of the configuration on the financial account.
Using White Valley sampledata:
Log in in backend, go to the Payment Method window, locate the "Wire Transfer" record (this is the Card payment method in webpos) and verify that the Automatic Deposit flag is checked.
Go to the Financial account window, locate the "Credit Card - Vall Blanca Store" record and on the Payment Method tab, verify that the Wire Transfer record is also configured as Automatic Deposit.
Go to the Organization window, Vall Blanca Store record, and on the Cash Management Events tab locate the "Credit Card - Close - Vall Blanca Store" record.

Log in in webpos, terminal VBS-1 and do a cashup to clear all values
Create a new ticket, add a product and complete the ticket paying with Card
Do another cashup.
Go to backend, POS Terminal window; select the VBS-1 record, go to the Payment Type tab, select Card and open the Reconciliation subtab. Verify that a new reconciliation has been created. Navigate to the reconciliation and verify that on the Cleared Items subtab there are two transactions (the payment and the movement to the Close Financial Account).

Go back to the Payment Method window, Wire Transfer record and uncheck the Automatic Deposit flag.
Go back to webpos, create a new ticket, pay it with card, and do another cashup.
Verify that this time, there is no new reconciliation created for the Card payment method, even if the configuration on the Financial Account window still flags the payment method as Automatic Deposit.
The following line on the commit that causes the issue: [^]
reads the automatic deposit flag directly from the payment method, which is wrong.

At this point we have the information of the financial account and the payment method, so it should be easy to refactor that code to get the Automatic Deposit flag from the financial account configuration.
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blocks defect 0036523 closed ranjith_qualiantech_com The financial account configuration for a payment method is not taken into account to create reconciliations in the cashup 
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Fixed issue 37362 : Validate Payment method Automatic deposit with Financial account Payment method

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