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0037185: [SERQA 3446] Scroll bars are shown in modal
In WebPOS, when a modal is opened, sometimes a scroll bar appears at the bottom or at the right, depending the position of modal in the screen the scroll bar is displayed or not.

It is also reproducible in livebuilds,in Linux using Chrome Version 62.0.3202.75(Official Build) (64-bit).

See atached different images where the issue is reproduced.
Log-in into WebPOS:
-Open receipt properties modal. (Or any other)
-Check that two scroll bars are displayed, at the left and at the bottom.
-Change margin-left or margin top properties in Chrome Developer Tools, the scroll bars are shown depending this value.
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Author: Jorge Garcia <jorge.garcia <at>>
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Fixed issue 37185: [SERQA 3446] Scroll bars are shown in modal

The solution is to set overflow value to visible due to the changes
in Chrome 62.

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