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0037100ModulesMulti-Dimensional Profit And Losspublic2017-10-18 11:222019-01-11 11:00
0037100: Multi-Dimensional Profit and Loss shows information collapsed
Before Analytics upgrade, Multi-Dimensional Profit and Loss report showed information properly expanded. After the upgrade only parent node is shown
0. Install last Analytics and Multi-Dimensional Profit and Loss version available
1. Run configuration steps: [^]
2. Access "Multi-Dimensional Profit and Loss" window and run report for any valid date. Realize that only parent node is shown

NOTE: attached you can find how report behaves before the upgrade
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related to defect 0032970 closed caristu Cannot launch Multi-Dimensional Profit And Loss if the Account is included as Member and Children 
related to design defect 0034167 new platform Show Children option is not available in OB Analytics window 
png MultiDimensionalPLold.png (74,789) 2017-10-18 11:23
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Moving to design defect: saiku removed this feature and there is no plan yet to restore it.