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0036833: Duplicated records in c_import_entry_archive under some circumstances
Receipts paid in the terminal are considered by RunSynchProcess to move them from local c_order table to message table. This is not hapenning in same transaction so in case terminal is reloaded (F5) when message has been created but order has not been deleted it is possible that 2 different records in message table are created for same order
1. Configure bad networking conditions
2. Create a ticket and pay it
3. Press F5 immediately to reload terminal
4. Check the backend, and verify that two import entries were created for the same ticket. This is wrong.
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blocks defect 0036712 closed migueldejuana Duplicated records in c_import_entry_archive under some circumstances 
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Repository: retail/backports/3.0RR17Q2.3/
Changeset: 8622d312996f988b4595433d5931b7cfa47ab219
Author: Miguel de Juana <miguel.dejuana <at>>
Date: Tue Sep 12 10:33:35 2017 +0200
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Fixed issue 0036833: Duplicated records in c_import_entry_archive under some circumstances

- Creating a message and deleting the related model in the local database must be in the same transaction.

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