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0036758Openbravo ERP04. Warehouse managementpublic2017-08-31 12:252018-02-22 21:57
Triage Omni WMS 
0036758: After validating a costing rule with warehouse dimension, remaining stock valuation could exist on each warehouse but not global
After validating a costing rule with warehouse dimension, remaining stock valuation could exist on each warehouse but not global

Currently, if you validate a costing rule with warehouse dimension having a warehouse rule already validated without warehouse dimension, the negative stock correction is made only over the transaction related with last closing inventory line (in order to leave stock 0 valuation 0), but the valuation on each warehouse could not be 0 in that moment, causing average cost to be modified when calculating the cost of transactions related with opening inventories
As group admin role:
   Having a product with stock in different warehouses and a current average cost different from the current cost of costing tab (in order to have a remaining value after closing inventories)
   Having a costing rule already validated with Warehouse Dimension = 'N'

   Go to Costing Rule window and validate a new rule for the same organization but with Warehouse Dimension = 'Y'

   Check one Negative Stock Correction is done for that product but check after closing inventory lines the stock valuation could be different from 0 on each warehouse
Negative Stock Correction adjustments created to adjust closing inventories with a remainder value should be always launched with warehouse dimension enabled, although costing rule doesn't have it enabled.

Closing inventories are only created from Costing Rule validation process and Inventory Amount Update process.

Attached a possible fix that should be properly reviewed and tested.
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related to defect 0035330 closed collazoandy4 [Negative Stock Correction]: Warehouse is not taken into account to check if stock was negative previous to an stock increase 
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depends on defect 0036757 closed AtulOpenbravo Negative Stock Correction for remaining stock valuation not done in closing inventory lines (when validating a costing rule) 
related to design defect 0036642 new Triage Omni WMS [Costing Migration Process] Stock valuation should be updated to 0 when the stock of the product is 0 
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