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0000365Openbravo ERPB. User interfacepublic2008-05-19 16:002008-12-10 10:53
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0000365: AT240alpha - Linked Items have not enough info about cascade deletion
In most OpenbravoERP windows, when I try to delete a record I can get a message about visiting Linked Items to check dependences that blocks deletion. But some linked items are deleted in cascade so Linked Items window miss some information. I would like to see at a glance what linked items I need to manually delete and what will be cascade deleted.
You can try to delete a Business Partner of demo data.
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blocks feature request 0003310 closed rgoris Document cascade deletion. 
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I'm not sure about this FR. The concept of delete cascade is very technical and it might confuse end users.
We should think about this very carefully.