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0036302Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2017-06-21 08:512017-07-04 08:37
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Production - Confirmed Stable
0036302: Display logic in fields is not working in callouts using SimpleCallout
Display logic for fields Order UOM and Order Quantity does not work in following callouts

1. SL_InOutLine_Product
2. SL_Inventory_Product
3. SL_Movement_Product

which are refactored to make use of SimpleCallout by using following statement

info.addResult("EXECUTE", "displayLogic();"); or

Display logic properly worked in Servlet based callouts.
- Login as System Admin Role
- Mark as displayed = Yes fields
  - Window: Goods Receipt/ Shipment, Tab: Lines, Fields: Order Quantity, Order Uom
  - Window: Goods Movement, Tab: Lines, Fields: Order Quantity, Order Uom
  - Window: Physical Inventory, Tab: Lines, Fields: Order Quantity, Order Uom
- Logout
- Login as QA Testing Admin.
- Create a new Product "Test Product".
- Assign second UOM as Kilogram to "Test Product" in the UOM Tab
- Create a Goods Receipt
- Add a line and select the Test Product, enter Movement Quantity 1
- Realize that Order Uom and Order Quantity fields are not displayed.
- Save Record and Refresh (as Display Logic does not work)
- Realize that Order Uom and Order Quantity fields are displayed.
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related to design defect 0036067 closed markmm82 old callouts should be refactored to implement SimpleCallout 
related to design defect 00196753.0MP9 closed guilleaer Some callouts should be re-factorized 
caused by design defect 00323663.0PR16Q4 closed inigosanchez callout invocation ineficiencies 
related to defect 0036392 closed collazoandy4 Avoid casting to Object when adding numeric results from a SimpleCallout 
related to defect 0036590 closed markmm82 Callouts retrieve wrong quantity when Format.xml file is set with too many decimals 
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2017-07-04 08:37   
(edited on: 2017-07-04 08:53)
This problem is not caused by the usage of the "EXECUTE" callout command. This command is no longer supported and it is not needed because the display logics are recalculated on the FIC response.

Therefore this issue has been closed and the real problem has been reported here: 0036392