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0036162Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2017-06-01 12:262023-01-02 11:06
Triage Platform Base 
normalminorhave not tried
0036162: clean up openbravo.log
openbravo.log is full of useless/incorrect/missing context messages.

This is an umbrella issue to track issues to clean it up.
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related to defect 0036141 closed alostale Openbravo ERP stateful WS calls create HttpSessions that live till Tomcat kills them 
depends on defect 0036161 closed alostale Openbravo ERP useless log having an incorrect definition for validation rule 
depends on defect 0031674 closed alostale Openbravo ERP too verbose log for invalid login attempt 
depends on defect 0036165 closed alostale Openbravo ERP useless log for non matching DB messages 
depends on defect 00285863.0PR16Q3 closed alostale Openbravo ERP SimpleProduct selector shows errors in log when there are translations installed 
depends on defect 0036193 closed alostale Openbravo ERP DefaultJsonDataService logs an exception if property *obSelected* is not found in the Entity when fetching data for PickAndEdit 
depends on defect 0036183 closed platform Openbravo ERP Platform: EntityPersistenceEventObserver validations has a high log level 
depends on defect 0036191 closed collazoandy4 Modules Functional validations in REM_RemittanceProcess are logged as exceptions in the log 
depends on defect 0036208 new Retail Retail Modules Retail: EntityPersistenceEventObserver validations has a high log level 
depends on defect 0036207 closed markmm82 Openbravo ERP Finance: EntityPersistenceEventObserver validations has a high log level 
depends on defect 0036226 closed AugustoMauch Openbravo ERP On first install.source don't show SQLException when 'drop role' tries to delete a role which does not exist 
depends on defect 0036254 closed alostale Openbravo ERP An exception is logged with a process request defined as an organization distinct from * 
depends on defect 0036271 closed alostale Openbravo ERP login page logs error if loaded while logging out 
depends on feature request 0036281 acknowledged jarmendariz Openbravo ERP "Grid Legacy" warning should be moved from runtime to compile time 
depends on defect 0036286 closed jarmendariz Openbravo ERP Several processes are marked as 'Grid Legacy' and should be converted to avoid runtime warning on every use 
depends on defect 0036444 closed alostale Openbravo ERP SqlC generated code hides stack traces in case of error 
depends on defect 0036475 closed alostale Openbravo ERP update.database logs irrelevant information 
depends on design defect 0036527 closed alostale Openbravo ERP OBException should not log itself by default 
depends on defect 0031844 closed alostale Openbravo ERP warn message accessing to Session Preferences > Change Logs 
depends on defect 0036528 closed alostale Openbravo ERP can't set trace log level from UI 
depends on defect 0036582 closed ranjith_qualiantech_com Retail Modules Bad logging code at exception at MobileCoreLoginHandler 
depends on defect 0037435 closed alostale Openbravo ERP unneeded traces logged when exception occurs on background DalBaseProcess 
depends on feature request 0006183 new Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP Audit codebase and convert all <Exception>.printStackTrace() calls to proper log4j logging 
depends on defect 0040355 closed alostale Openbravo ERP Some frequent and apparently harmless XmlEngine error message (data not defined for structure) should be probably silenced 
depends on defect 0040347 closed alostale Openbravo ERP Improve log of ImportEntryManager 
depends on defect 0040407 closed alostale Openbravo ERP no context info when logging in SE_Payment_BPartner 
depends on defect 0040381 closed alostale Openbravo ERP incorrect warn message logged by ReadOnlyDataSourceService for P&E  
depends on defect 0041090 closed alostale Openbravo ERP missing log context info when setting an incorrect org in OBContext 
depends on defect 0041217 closed alostale Openbravo ERP error logged while logging out. 
depends on defect 0042871 closed alostale Openbravo ERP missing log for failing DAL property validations 
depends on defect 0045169 closed justin_patterson Retail Modules Sessions module uses bad logging (printStrackTrace) 
depends on defect 0047962 closed alostale Openbravo ERP OBSchedulerInitializerListener should not use System.out.println for logging 
depends on defect 0047963 closed alostale Openbravo ERP HostNameTask should not use System.out.println,System.err.println, printStackTrace for its output 
depends on defect 0047964 closed shuehner Retail Modules org.openbravo.retail.discounts.AddPack should not use System.out.println 
depends on defect 0047967 closed shuehner Retail Modules Several files in posterminal are using bad logging (printStrace or System.out.println) 
depends on defect 0047968 closed rqueralta Retail Modules org.openbravo.retail.avalaraconnector: uses bad logging (System.out.println and printStrace 
depends on defect 0047969 closed caristu Modules org.openbravo.service.integration.sapecc use bad debug logging (System.out.println) 
depends on defect 0047970 closed justin_patterson Retail Modules org.openbravo.retail.verystar uses bad logging (printStackTrace) 
depends on defect 0047971 closed justin_patterson Retail Modules org.openbravo.retail.loyalty.programs is using bad logging (printStackTrace) 
depends on defect 0047972 closed caristu Modules module is using bad logging: printStackTrace 
depends on defect 0047974 closed francisco_ofarril Modules Several modules from functional/omni team are using bad logging (System.out,System.err println or printStackTrace) 
depends on defect 0048091 closed mgonzalezh Modules SPLP: Several modules from functional/omni team are using bad logging (System.out,System.err println or printStackTrace) 
depends on defect 0048092 closed mtaal Modules module is using bad logging (printStackTrace) 
depends on defect 0048415 closed gorka_gil POS2 This module is using bad logging (System.out,System.err println or printStackTrace) 
depends on defect 0049877 closed shuehner Modules Distribution Orders module is using bad logging (System.out,System.err println or printStackTrace) 
depends on defect 0051271 closed Retail Retail Modules org.openbravo.retail.api uses bad logging (printStackTrace 
depends on defect 0051532 closed alostale Openbravo ERP IE prints too verbose log when queue size limit is reached 
related to defect 0036261 closed alostale Openbravo ERP connections logged as abandoned in translate task 
related to defect 0036429 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP SqlC generates code using printStackTrace which should not be used 
related to defect 0036430 closed Triage Omni OMS Openbravo ERP Cleanup bad logging (modules/* functional code): don't use printStackTrace or System.out.print* or System.err.print* 
related to defect 0036431 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Cleanup logging (modules/platform part) using or mentioned printStackTrace or System.*.print* 
related to defect 0037849 closed alostale Openbravo ERP Remove system key hash in log files as not useful and makes log-parsing harder 
related to feature request 0037853 closed alostale Openbravo ERP ImportEntryManager.reportsStatus only does long time avg, useless to see any short term changes 
related to design defect 0039947 acknowledged Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP insufficient context logged when DalThreadHandler fails 
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