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0035862Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2017-04-27 13:262017-06-19 12:59
0035862: When applying more than 2 discounts to the same line the information about them is generated wrongly.
If you apply more than 2 discounts to the same line and finish the transaction, if you go to the ERP and check the information related to them you will see that the values are not correctly generated so the information stored in the database is not correct.
1.- In the ERP go to discounts and promotions and generate (for eg) 4 Discretionary Fixed Amount discounts.
2.- In WebPOS buy something and apply all the discounts to it.
3.- Finish the transaction
4.- Go to the ERP to the Sales order window, select the order and line and check the values in Base Gross Unit Price displayed in discounts and promotions.
The following code seems wrong since it applies twice the discounts due accumulators.

base = line.get('price');
        _.forEach(line.get('promotions') || [], function (discount) {
          var discountAmt = discount.actualAmt || discount.amt || 0;
          discount.basePrice = base;
          discount.unitDiscount = OB.DEC.div(discountAmt, line.get('qtyToApplyDisc') || line.get('qty'));
          totalDiscount = OB.DEC.add(totalDiscount, discountAmt);
          base = OB.DEC.sub(base, totalDiscount);
        }, this);
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blocks defect 0035858pi closed jorge-garcia When applying more than 2 discounts to the same line the information about them is generated wrongly. 
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Fixed by the changeset [^]