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0003431Openbravo ERP00. Application dictionarypublic2007-12-17 11:292010-09-07 10:56
0003431: Entering Jasper Report reports into menu
Let's say we do this:
1) Design a new Jasper report that needs no parameters
2) Enter it into the dictionary (marked as a Jasper Report within the Report & Process window and NOT as Report)
3) Enter it into the menu by selecting Report under the Action combo and then selecting the above report.
4) recompile the application for the above to take effect.
5) if we now click on the link we get somethign like this
HTTP Status 404 - /openbravo235ad_reports/productUOM.html

type Status report

message /openbravo235ad_reports/productUOM.html

description The requested resource (/openbravo235ad_reports/productUOM.html) is not available.

6) we need to select Process in the Action combo of the Menu window when we introduce the above Jasper report into it to make it work.

The confusion here is that we are introducing a report and we need to select Report in the Action combo of the Menu window. This also makes the icon of this report in the menu the one of the process and not the one of a report. All in all, very confusing to the user/developer.

OS: Ubuntu 7.10
DB: Oracle XE10
Firefox 2
tomcat 5.5
related to defect 0014458 closed alostale Icon shown for Jasper report should be report one, not process one 
blocks feature request 0004194pi acknowledged iciordia Report UI pattern in Application Dictionary 
png Report-process.png (65,874) 2008-07-24 08:50
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2005-06-01 00:00   
(edited on: 2008-06-12 09:44)
This bug was originally reported in SourceForge bug tracker and then migrated to Mantis.

You can see the original bug report in: [^]
2008-07-24 08:50   
Besides, one can select multiple check boxes saying that it is a Report, a Jasper Report and an External Service (even a Pentaho report) at the same time when these options should be using radio buttons (see attach).