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0034303Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2016-10-26 12:582022-02-01 08:07
Triage Platform Base 
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0034303: The SmartClient version must be updated.
The version of smartclient has not been updated for a while and it will be interesting to update it to get the improvements implemented in newer versions.
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related to defect 0040180pi closed jarmendariz Error tabulating in grid mode of an standard window. 
related to design defect 0038701 closed jarmendariz Smartclient 10 does not support autocomplete keywords 
has duplicate design defect 0028219 closed AugustoMauch Upgrade SmartClient 
blocks design defect 0033539 acknowledged Triage Platform Base JS Errors after closing Add Payment window having the focus on the Order/Invoices grid 
blocks design defect 0034656 acknowledged Triage Platform Base An error is shown in Chrome console after executing a process 
blocks design defect 0038814 acknowledged Triage Platform Base Client class/canvas fields disappear when ordering a grid 
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