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0003412Openbravo ERPB. User interfacepublic2007-10-31 20:042008-12-10 10:53
0003412: Saving Report Criteria for future Use
I think it would be an excellent feature to be able to save the settings that were used to prepare a report, thus allowing these reports to be rerun on command, or scheduled to run automatically on a pre-set schedule.

For instance, if a user generates a Sales dimensional report and wants to save the product, category, region, salesperson and other dimensions for future use so they don't have to be prepared again, and in addition, they want to run this report automatically the first of every month.

This feature would offer tremendous power, adding a degree of streamlined convenience and uniformity to the reporting capabilities already in place.

related to feature request 0007090 acknowledged rgoris Reports don't remember filter values that have been provided when user switches between different reports/menu items. 
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