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0003404Openbravo ERPC. Securitypublic2007-10-25 00:132009-05-20 07:21
0003404: Background processes
In, line 130 we have the following code

          try {
          object = new PeriodicBackground(this, Long.parseLong(strPeriodicBackgroundTime), strLogFileAcctServer, backgroundData[countBack].id, backgroundData[countBack].classname);
          } catch (IOException ioe) {

In case tomcat cannot write in the folder where the strLogFileAcctServer is put, all background processes fail to initialize/execute and noone ever knows about this. In case of Background accounting process, this is a huge issue.
instead of ioe.printStackTrace(); there should at least be log4j logging there.

On the other hand, there should be some kind of special logging/alerting for system critical processes such as background accounting so that the admin can see if they fail. maybe Alerts could be used for that. regardless, the exception catch there should be logged better.
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