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0003402Openbravo ERP01. General setuppublic2007-10-18 14:572011-02-04 09:16
0003402: Menu items parent and children
This bug comes from [^]

OS: Ubuntu 7.04
DB: Oracle XE 10g
Web browser: Firefox 2
OB: R2.34

1. General Setup > Application > Menu
2. Click on 'Tree' icon and look for a parent item.
3. Delete this item.
4. Take a look on the menu again. Children depend now of the primary node and can be reassigned.

Now, when deleting a menu item with children, children are placed into the primary node. Is this the best way of doing it?

Pros: children item can be reassigned to other parents.
Cons: have to erase children manually, can't erase them automatically by deleting the parent (this could also view as a pro).
ReleaseCandidate, Usability
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This bug was originally reported in SourceForge bug tracker and then migrated to Mantis.

You can see the original bug report in: [^]