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0033958Openbravo ERP04. Warehouse managementpublic2016-09-09 11:172016-09-13 18:57
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3.0PR16Q2 [^]
0033958: Error in Costing Background Process if first costing rule validated with starting date,previous transactions cost not calculated
Error in Costing Background Process if first costing rule is validated by setting a starting date, the cost of all previous transactions is not set as calculated. The trxprocessdate of the opening inventory is wrong (the time is updated to 0:00:00)
As group admin role:
   1. Create the following master data:
      Legal with accounting organization (set its currency)
      Fiscal calendar, year and periods
      Business Partner (set it as vendor and set a location)
      Tax Category
      Product (set it as Item as Stocked)
      Warehouse and storage bin
   2. Allow period control and assign the fiscal calendar to the organization
      Set it as ready
      Open the periods
   3. Create a goods receipt with the previously created master data and complete it
   4. Validate a costing rule with average algorithm and a starting date (now)
   5. Go to Product - Transaction tab and check the transaction process date of the opening inventory is previous the transaction process date of the closing inventory. This is wrong
   6. Check also the cost of the Goods Receipt is not calculated and it should be 0
   7. Schedule the Costing Background process and check the following error message is shown:
      No valid Costing Rule found for given organization and date.
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blocks defect 0033937 closed markmm82 Error in Costing Background Process if first costing rule validated with starting date,previous transactions cost not calculated 
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2016-09-13 18:56   
Repository: erp/backports/3.0PR16Q2.3
Changeset: 2d81f985b26d0f248efe76500db63bd90cd4e92d
Author: Mark <markmm82 <at>>
Date: Mon Sep 12 15:06:46 2016 -0400
URL: [^]

Fixes issue 33958: Fixed trx date of inventory in Costing Background Process

Used the setTimestamp method instead of the setDate, by this way the details like the hours, minutes and seconds of the transactions are not lost.

M src/org/openbravo/costing/
2016-09-13 18:57   
Code review + Testing OK