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0003394Openbravo ERP00. Application dictionarypublic2007-09-26 10:012009-05-22 19:26
0003394: Switching translation format to PO and distribute a ZIP
This feature request suggests:

- Switching the translation formats to PO (Portable Object)

- Make more easy to install translations distributing a single ZIP file and making the application do all the necessary process instead of the user.

My vision is the following:

- Keep the import code for XML files. People should be able to import old translations and Compiere ones (if they wish and the license is compatible).

- Add support for importing/exporting the translations in PO format. This should be the recommended way of working once the support is added. It is going to be anyway since we are going to remove XML exporting.

Also it should be more easy to install and distribute translations. We can use a ZIP file for the translations that Openbravo can read directly, instead of having to create a directory (lang/xx), putting there the XML files, and so on. Also, the application should launch the necessary processes, including compilation if it needed.

You have all the PO documentation at: [^]

Also there is a XML2PO script: [^]
that you can use for reference.

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This bug was originally reported in SourceForge bug tracker and then migrated to Mantis.

You can see the original bug report in: [^]
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My vote for this enhancement! There are tools for handling PO format translations and also merging them if the upstream messages has been changed.

> Also, the application should launch the necessary
> processes, including compilation if it needed.

In my opinion, there should not be need for compilation if the translation has been added, but the application can load and use it directly if all messages are properly externalized. This may be too big change for Openbravo 2.XX, but hopefully the Green platform does not require compilation for installing a translation.

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One of the advantages of using PO files is that we will be able to provide a tools like Pootle[1] for our translations.

The main advantages will be:

* On-line project management. Helps to split the work between different translations
* On-line translation / off-line. Allowing to work off-line with PO files or using a web base interface
* Real-time statistics the reflect the status of a particular translation

In the other negative side Pootle has some administration overhead.

[1] [^]
2008-11-06 11:38   
update target revision to 2.60.

Note that with 2.50 translations will be installed through modules, 2.50 also includes real time translation from within the application without the need to compile to apply a translation. Therefore it is possible to update translations completely from within the application.

Perhaps a better situation is to provide a simpler means to maintain translations within the user interface?