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0033552Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2016-07-28 10:432017-05-25 10:45
0033552: The selectAll checkbox is not working fine
When some records are created (less than 100) it is possible to select all the records by clicking the selectAll checkbox, but if more records are created (more than 100 in total) and after that some of them are deleted (having, after the delete task less than 100) it is not possible to click in the selectAll checkbox.
Also, the number of records shown in the ui is not correct.
1- Login the ERP and select the F&B Admin role.
2- Go to the sales order window.
3- Create a new sales order record.
4- Click on the "Copy Lines" process and select all the records. (In my case 26) and click on the OK button to create the lines.
5- Realize that the 26 lines are created in the "Lines" subtab.
6- Realize that if you click on the selectAll checkbox, all the records are selected.
7- Repeat the "Copy Lines" execution three more times with all the records, so, in total 104 records should be created.
8- Realize that now, the number of records shown in the UI is >100.
9- Click on the selectAll checkbox and realize that the records are not seleted.
10- Delete 5 records. Now we should have 99 records.
11- Realize that the number of records shown in the UI is wrong it appears 97 and it should be 99.
12- Click on the selectAll checkbox and realize that it is not possible to select all records. this is wrong.
13- Close the "Sales Order" window.
14- Open the "Sales Order" window again and click in the record you created.
15- Realize that now, the number of records shown in the UI is 99. This is the correct number of records.
16- Click on the selectAll checkbox and realize that now all the records are selected. This is the correct behavior,
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related to design defect 0041663 new platform Delete records on batches 
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2016-07-28 10:53   
When the copy lines process has been executed 4 times, in my case I should have 104 records. If I open the chrome developers tool, in the Network tab I can see the "OrderLine" request and in the Preview tab I can see that the "totalRows" preoperty is 102 instead of 104.