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0003354Openbravo ERP06. Material requirement planning (MRP)public2007-07-01 09:122008-06-27 16:09
0003354: Link customer & financials to ZenCart
This may be difficult to accomplish (MySQL and php)- however, if it is done, this will be a massive draw to openbravo.

The best ecommerce engine out there is zencart.
The best for written documents is joomla. These two are merging together in the upcoming version. This will be a powerful draw for users. These softwares have been streamlined to include much of what people have requested over many years. It is what people are moving to for its sheer marketing power.

It would be almost an unstoppable force if openbravo merged with these two seamlessly. This would give the enterprise accounting power of ERP the tremendous marketing power and visibility of well-developed and extensible ecommerce engine.

If this is done - good luck Microsoft....

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