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0033042Openbravo ERP07. Sales managementpublic2016-05-25 08:592017-09-28 15:32
Triage Omni OMS 
0033042: Partially shipped Goods Shipment Line is linked to completely invoiced Sales Invoice Line
Create Shipment from Order links partially shipped Goods Shipment Line to completely invoiced Sales Invoice Line
- Login as F&B Internaltional Group Admin.
- Create a Sales Order with F&B US inc Organization for Business Partner "Moon Light Restaurants" with Invoice Terms Immediate.
- In Lines select product "Plain Water" quantity 10.
- Book the Order.
- Navigate to Goods Shipment and create header for same business partner as above.
- Using Create Line from order select above line for Plain Water, Storage Locator as Ec-0-0-0.
- Check the line inserted in Goods Shipment Lines Tab. Edit the Quantity as set it as 5.
- Process the Shipment.
- Navigate to Create Invoices from Order, select above Order, Invoice Date = Today's Date, Process it.
- Check that Sales Invoice is created with 1 line, Quantity = 10.
- Navigate to Create Shipment from Order, select above Order and process it.
- Check that Shipment is created for remaining quantity = 5.
- Navigate to Sales Invoice Line, check in More Information Tab recently created shipment line (by Create shipment from Orders process) is linked.
As this is partially shipped line this behavior cannot be treated as correct. Check that as Order Line as two shipment lines associated and only one invoice line associated.
A check should be provided before linking Goods Shipment Line with Sales Invoice Line whether the quantities are matched or not.

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2016-07-08 11:13   
Currently there is no way to link an invoice line with several m_inoutlines.
Moved to design defect.