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0032688Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2016-04-18 10:582022-04-08 11:29
Triage Platform Base 
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0032688: remove unused resources
This is an umbrella issue to keep track of removal of unused resources (ie. Java classes, JavaScript files, etc.)
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related to defect 0037499 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Remove unused feature to export ob_version + code_revision into xml files 
depends on defect 0032321 closed NaroaIriarte Openbravo ERP remove the unused QueryBuilder class 
depends on defect 0032689 closed NaroaIriarte Openbravo ERP remove unused class org.openbravo.common.datasource.ResultMapCriteriaUtils 
depends on defect 0030935 closed NaroaIriarte Openbravo ERP Remove SetContextInfoActionHandler class as it was not finished and never use 
depends on feature request 0028703PR21Q3 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP dbmanager.jar & src-db/src removal 
depends on feature request 0015525 scheduled shuehner Openbravo ERP Delete some never used ad_form/ad_model_object/ad_model_object mapping entries 
depends on feature request 0009533 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Remove unused TabFilter files 
depends on defect 0034500 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Delete unused CacheFilter class 
depends on defect 0034487 scheduled jarmendariz Openbravo ERP Remove unused action handlers 
depends on defect 0034528 scheduled Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP Delete some unused/deprecated classes 
depends on defect 0034213 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP clean up AD_Model_Object and AD_Model_Object_Mapping 
depends on defect 0032799 closed NaroaIriarte Openbravo ERP The postscript-DB2.sql and the prescript-DB2.sql classes should be deleted 
depends on defect 0034728 closed alostale Openbravo ERP Unneeded file authorisations.txt 
depends on defect 0034813 closed alostale Openbravo ERP clean up ComboTableData unneeded cached pool 
depends on feature request 0035386 closed caristu Openbravo ERP Login page needs some clean up 
depends on defect 0036279 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Unused manual servlets: HeartbeatConfirm & RegistrationConfirm 
depends on defect 0036500 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Cleanup org.openbravo.scheduling xsql files to remove unused parts 
depends on defect 0036871 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Remove all unused and not useful junit tests in org.openbravo.test.ant package 
depends on defect 0036932 closed markmm82 Openbravo ERP ReportWorkRequirementDailyEnv is not reference at all in AD so unused at should be removed 
depends on defect 0037322 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Remove technically useless ad_process entries 
depends on design defect 0037396 closed alostale Openbravo ERP remove support for printing fop documents in a different server 
depends on defect 0037459 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP several 2.50 manual pages import unneeded JavaScript files 
depends on feature request 0036433 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP DataSourceJavaScriptCreator class is deprecated and not used so candidate for removal 
depends on defect 0037496 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP CalculateCoreRevision class is unused and should be removed 
depends on defect 0037497 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP DalUUIDHexGenerator class is deprecated and unused since 2011 it should be removed 
depends on defect 0037498 closed platform Openbravo ERP org.openbravo.businessUtility.Email class is deprecated since 3.0MP9 and should be removed. 
depends on defect 0038173 closed jarmendariz Openbravo ERP Register button of Registration pop-up navigates to a non-existent URL 
depends on defect 0038257 closed shuehner Retail Modules Cleanup obsolete callout related ad_model_object_mapping entries 
depends on defect 00382583.0PR19Q2 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Remove lots of old obsolete code from ToolBar class 
depends on feature request 0005058 closed jonalegriaesarte Openbravo ERP Unused not working Process: RV_Order_Open 
depends on feature request 0004795 acknowledged Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP Remove deprecated ad_get_next_sequence calls and use get_uuid instead (in r2.5x) 
depends on feature request 00357883.0PR19Q3 closed AtulOpenbravo Openbravo ERP Remove obsolete, disabled & non-working class: org.openbravo.advpaymentmngt.ad_forms.Transactions 
depends on feature request 0006135 scheduled shuehner Openbravo ERP Clean up selectors associated infor from AD and DB 
depends on feature request 0010208 new shuehner Openbravo ERP Remove deprecated ad_sequence.currentNextSys column 
depends on feature request 0009118 acknowledged shuehner Openbravo ERP Never used column in c_bp_bankaccount 
depends on defect 0036280 closed AtulOpenbravo Openbravo ERP Several unused + probably unusable callouts exists and are candidates to be deleted 
depends on design defect 0038580 acknowledged Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP Remove AutologonAuthenticationManager 
depends on feature request 0038679 closed alostale Openbravo ERP remove obsolete License features 
depends on defect 0037604 closed jarmendariz Openbravo ERP Clean up unused methods and parameters in ToolBar 
depends on defect 0039657 closed jarmendariz Openbravo ERP Remove unneeded Logger getters/setters in ad_forms classes 
depends on feature request 0037874 closed alostale Openbravo ERP Remove support for fop rendering from core product as very nearly not used 
depends on defect 0040192 closed alostale Openbravo ERP XmlEngine should not be a Servlet 
depends on defect 0040531 closed alostale Openbravo ERP remove js.jar from eclipse project classpath 
depends on defect 0040308 closed caristu Openbravo ERP Improvements for the Openbravo Eclipse project 
depends on design defect 0040533 closed platform Openbravo ERP remove rhino copies in lib/build 
depends on defect 0040543 closed alostale Openbravo ERP remove unused calendar.php 
depends on feature request 00405573.0PR19Q3 closed AtulOpenbravo Openbravo ERP Remove more obsolete & disabled old aprm code (AddOrderOrInvoice, AddPaymentFrom*, AddTransactions & SelectExpectedPayments) 
depends on feature request 00405583.0PR19Q3 closed AtulOpenbravo Openbravo ERP Review and possibly remove old pre-aprm CreateFile (aka c_settlement_createFile) implementation 
depends on defect 0040937 closed alostale Openbravo ERP public class ApplicationDictionaryValidator is not used for anything and should be removed 
depends on feature request 0041081 closed AtulOpenbravo Openbravo ERP Delete old Payment Monitor (pre-APRM) 
depends on defect 0041346 closed cberner Openbravo ERP Remove Getting Started widget (half-not working and outdated) 
depends on design defect 0041758 acknowledged Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP remove obsolte encryption columns 
depends on defect 0041874 acknowledged Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP cleanup MyOpenbravoWidgetComponent 
depends on defect 0027441 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Remove 2 unused/obsolete pl-functions of old-flow/pre-aprm time: c_order_status & c_debt_payment_paid 
depends on feature request 0043978 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Remove "classic popup tree view" which has been obsolete by "Tree Extension" project in 14Q2 
depends on design defect 0044014 new Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP remove obsolete DHTMLgoodies libraries 
depends on feature request 0044024 closed AtulOpenbravo Openbravo ERP Delete the 2 obsolete Reset Accounting implementations 
depends on feature request 0044026 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Review and probably removed old jrxml report templates replaced in 2013 
depends on defect 0044175 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP A number of non-public xsql files/method are present but never used 
depends on defect 0044089 closed alostale Openbravo ERP remove Heartbeat Custom queries 
depends on feature request 0044033 closed AtulOpenbravo Openbravo ERP Review and probably remove unused RptC_OrderP java and jrxml files 
depends on feature request 0044301 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP remove obsolete parts of utils.js 
depends on feature request 0047036PR21Q3 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Remove lots of obsolete support code for obsolete (update.database.mod, ezattributes module, dbmanager.jar references) 
depends on defect 0047056 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Remove leftover code from long obsolete db2 support (which was never finished) 
depends on design defect 0047214 acknowledged Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP remove deprecated email config columns in AD_Client 
depends on defect 0048206 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Delete long obsolete OpenPentaho integration code 
depends on defect 0048208 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Cleanup left over code from 2.50 UI (WindowsTabs,LeftTabsBar,NavigationBar) 
depends on defect 0048221 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Cleanup obsolete 2.50 UI implementation from UsedByLink 
depends on defect 0048435 closed Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP Cleanup code related to Internet Explorer as it is now unsupported 
depends on defect 0049011PR22Q3 closed meriem_azaf Openbravo ERP remove obsolete Translation Required field from Module window 
depends on feature request 0050204 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Removed (already) disabled menu entry to point to Openbravo Website 
depends on defect 0050205 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Remove unused/obsolete Create Document / Create Test servlet 
related to defect 0032991 closed NaroaIriarte Openbravo ERP remove unused class org.openbravo.erpCommon.ad_process.Register 
related to design defect 0038186 acknowledged Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP getBaseDesignPath method of HttpBaseServlet declares an unused parameter 
related to defect 00393483.0PR19Q4 closed cberner Openbravo ERP Review Activation_Message callout usage 
related to defect 0036353 acknowledged Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP VerticalMenu needs additional clean up 
related to defect 0040680 new Triage Omni OMS Openbravo ERP Remove unsed methods in AdvPaymentMngtDao, TransactionsDao, MatchTransactionDao classes. 
related to defect 0042049 new Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP RescheduleProcess should be removed 
blocks defect 0036498 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Lots of code related to already removed 2.50 windows is still in pi and should be deleted 
blocks defect 0036501 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP Remove unused & old & 
blocks defect 0036502 closed shuehner Openbravo ERP ant check.window.compatibility task is no longer useful (as Wad shows error per window now for those) 
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