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0032670Openbravo ERP07. Sales managementpublic2016-04-14 17:442017-12-26 09:36
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0032670: "Good Shipment Line" field information is not filled in Sales Invoice Line when processing On Credit Order
"Good Shipment Line" field information is not filled in Sales Invoice Line when processing On Credit Order
As group admin role:
   Activate the Document Type with So Sub Type = On Credit Order
   Create new Credit Order in the Sales Order window. Check the Invoice Terms field is hidden
   Add any line and process. Shipment and Invoice are automatically created
   From Sales Order Line, navigate to Sales Invoice Line and verify that, in More Information section, "Good Shipment Line" information is not showed
Analyze if the On Credit Order should be available in the SO Subtype field when defining a Document Type, as it seems the feature is the same than the POS Order
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The issue is not currently reproducible