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0032464: When using Void Layaway, it's possible that triggers in the application may be disabled
The Void Layaway process disables the triggers to be able to process the transactions correctly. This in itself is not necessarily wrong.

However, due to the way the database transaction is handled in this case, it is possible that in some circumstances, during an extremely short period of time, the triggers may be disabled for all users.

It's not really possible at this point to reproduce this problem reliably (as a matter of fact, we haven't seen it happen even once). This issue as of now is mainly theoretical, but possible in theory looking at the code. However, we don't have specific steps to reproduce it.
The database transaction should not be committed before triggers are enabled again.
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related to defect 0031462 closed mario_castello [RR15Q4] The status of a layaway does not change after 'Void this layaway' 
related to defect 0031150 closed marvintm Triggers stay disabled when a layaway is voided with pending payments 
depends on backport 0032465RR16Q1.1 closed marvintm When using Void Layaway, it's possible that triggers in the application may be disabled 
depends on backport 0032466RR15Q4.6 closed marvintm When using Void Layaway, it's possible that triggers in the application may be disabled 
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2016-03-11 18:11   
Repository: erp/pmods/org.openbravo.retail.posterminal
Changeset: 3f4f90c7de0e89f5813a9a65e049335b04f40f64
Author: Antonio Moreno Perez <antonio.moreno <at>>
Date: Fri Mar 11 17:41:33 2016 +0100
URL: [^]

Fixed issue 32464. Triggers will never be disabled for all users anymore.
The transaction will no longer be committed while the triggers are disabled, so it will no longer be possible for other users to be affected by this.

M src/org/openbravo/retail/posterminal/