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0032189Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2016-02-10 12:582017-06-08 10:06
0032189: Make the callouts extensible
Right now if you want to modifying the behaviour of a callout the only way is to duplicate it and add there the changes required.

It would be very useful to add the possibility to extend the callouts.
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related to feature request 0019674 closed guilleaer Simple callout should be able to invoke to another simple callout 
related to defect 0029849 closed alostale Not possible to overwrite the result of a callout from your own callout using a requestdispatcher an a decorator 
related to design defect 00323663.0PR16Q4 closed inigosanchez callout invocation ineficiencies 
related to defect 0036192 closed platform Not possible to overwrite the result of a callout from your own callout using a requestdispatcher an a decorator in Tomcat 7 
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2016-09-08 13:48   
It has been implemented the possibility to extend the callout in the project related with Callout Performance Improvements[1]. Now, it is possible to extend a SimpleCallout from another SimpleCallout. How to extend a SimpleCallout from another SimpleCallout is explained in the wiki[2].

[1].- [^]
[2].- [^]
2016-09-19 10:16   
Code reviewed for issue 0032366