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0032001Localization Pack: SpainSpain Professional Localization Packpublic2016-01-25 11:022016-02-08 12:14
0032001: SPLP legal requirements for 2016
Umbrella bug for all the request related to SPLP support for 2016.

Mainly related to new withholding tax rates created for 2016 year
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depends on feature request 0031921 closed aferraz New tax rates to include in the 2015 VAT Books setup. New tax rates valid from 01-01-2016 (withholding decrease) 
depends on feature request 0031923 closed aferraz New tax rates to relate to 303 2015 tax parameters. New tax rates valid from 01-01-2016 (withholding decrease) 
depends on feature request 0032013 closed aferraz Withholding decrease to 19% for Cash VAT tax rates related to "Arrendamientos con RetenciĆ³n", starting from 01-01-2016 
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