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0031740Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2015-12-17 09:342015-12-17 09:34
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0031740: Report trial balance report is slow with high number of transactions
The Trial Balance report's executions gets too slow and can seriously affect whole system's performance if it has to read a high number of transaction. This happen if the system is big enough or the instance have been running long enough.

This happens because data needs to be read from the beginning of time and a huge reading effort is required from disk.
Execute the report in a system with a huge number of transactions.
Everytime the system closes a period, the information from that period should be aggregated and the result should be stored in a table so that the report can read from this table all the old and already calculated information. This way the reading effort decreases a lot and part of the calculation is done only once per period close.
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duplicate of design defect 0035563 acknowledged vmromanos Trial Balance report takes long to be printed on xls. 
related to design defect 0036070 acknowledged Triage Finance Performance problems on the journal entries report. 
related to defect 0040175 scheduled markmm82 Trial balance report should not take into account the closed years 
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