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0031153Retail ModulesLayaway orderpublic2015-10-15 12:542015-10-15 12:54
0031153: It is shown wrongly "There is not enough cash available" when doing a layaway with return lines.
It is not possible to execute successfully a receipt marked as "To be laid away" if it has return lines in that receipt (which is correct). But a message warning that there is not enough cash to return that receipt is shown to the user although it is not possible to execute that layaway. The message says the following: "There is not enough cash available".
0-Login POS and complete a cashup keeping nothing to clean the instance.
1-In a new receipt, add 5x "Alpine skiing backpack 27L".
2-In dropdown menu, click "Layaway this Receipt".
3-Click in "Alpine skiing backpack 27L" product line and click in "Return Line".
4-Click in Total Amount button and you will see "There is not enough cash available" appears. That message is not necessary to be shown due to it can confuse the user. (If you click "Layaway" button at that moment, you can check a message warning that it not possible to layaway a sale with returns).
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blocks defect 0042143 acknowledged Retail [19Q4] It is not possible to return cash for a Cancelled Layaway in more than one currency 
png NotEnoughCashInLayaway.png (256,435) 2015-10-15 12:54
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