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0030766Openbravo LocalizationsLocalization USApublic2015-09-04 14:152021-03-17 11:49
closedno change required 
20Ubuntu 8.04.1
0030766: US Localization pack needs to be adjusted to support new Jasper Libraries.
US Localization pack needs to be adjusted to support new Jasper Libraries.
In an environment with the US localization pack try to install Q3.

You will get some compilation errors due to the fact that a new jasper library has been implemented in Q3, therefore there are some modules of the pack that need to be adjusted.
Find attached the patch created to solve this issue.

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related to defect 0030668 closed psanjuan Instance cannot be upgraded to 3.0PR15Q3 if the Check Printing module is installed (included in US Localization Pack) 
diff usLocalizationPackReports.diff (11,009) 2015-09-04 14:15
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2015-09-04 14:15   
This design defect has been created because a new version of the US Localization Pack needs to be released.
2021-03-17 11:49   
No change required as US Localization Pack is not longer supported.