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0030706Openbravo ERPI. Performancepublic2015-08-31 13:542024-01-10 08:39
30Professional Appliance
0030706: Remove or update modulescripts which need to be executed always
There are some modulescripts which can not be removed nor updated to execute them depending on a particular module version ( [^]).

- HBFix: It needs to be executed always as data can still be wrong and need to be fixed what ever is the version we are updating from. If data was not crashed any more, modulescript could be updated to be executed only once.

- InitializeAPRMReadyPreference: It needs to be executed always as it creates a preference that indicates APRM process has been done. If process created the preference properly, modulescript could be removed.
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related to feature request 00303963.0PR15Q4 closed aferraz Review modulescripts performance 
related to defect 0050891 closed shuehner Check and remove obsolete CostingMigration related modulescript 
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