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0030559Retail ModulesOffline Modepublic2015-07-14 11:082015-09-15 17:21
0030559: [RR15Q3] A red icon indicating data not synchronised is shown even if nothing needs to be synchronised
When using the front end in offline mode, a small red icon on the to left corner and a menu entry about data pending to synchronise is shown even if there is no actual data pending to synchronise. See steps.
1. Start in online mode (network connected) by logging in as vallblanca user
2. Create a new ticket for a backpack.
3. Pay it to close the ticket. Check the blue icon shown while synchronising and that the icon disappears when the data has been synchronised.
4. Logout and unplug the network cable to go offline. Log in again as vallblanca user
5. Check that now a red icon is shown and a new menu entry "Pending Sync." was added.
6. Click that entry and see that there is no actual data to synchronise. See attached screenshot.
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blocks defect 0030349RR15Q4 closed migueldejuana A red icon indicating data not synchronised is shown even if nothing needs to be synchronised 
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2015-08-12 12:56marvintmTypedefect => backport
2015-08-12 12:56marvintmTarget Version => RR15Q3.1
2015-09-15 17:21marvintmNote Added: 0080420
2015-09-15 17:21marvintmStatusscheduled => closed

2015-09-15 17:21   
This backport will not be resolved, as believe that the risk of introducing other regression by doing the fix is too big compared to the severity of the issue itself.

The issue will be fixed in Q4.