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0030209: Provide an API to do transactional OB.Dal calls
Currently Mobile Core is missing a way of executing sql transactions using OB.Dal functions (e.g. OB.Dal.find, OB.Dal.get,...).
We need a way to ensure that a set of OB.Dal calls are executed transactionally.
Try to write 2 OB.Dal actions in a transaction.
Verufy that it is not possible as each OB.Dal action creates its own transaction.
Create a new set of OB.Dal functions that explicitly state that they are going to be executed in a transaction.
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blocks feature request 0029478RR15Q3 closed aaroncalero Provide an API to do transactional OB.Dal calls 
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Repository: retail/backports/3.0RR15Q2.3/
Changeset: a5c5b884b106daf54a4402e484e54d250d0f79ee
Author: Antonio Moreno <antonio.moreno <at>>
Date: Wed Jul 15 17:35:50 2015 +0200
URL: [^]

Fixed issue 30209: Provide an API to do transactional OB.Dal calls

Added a new set of functions to OB.Dal to allow transactions.
Updated the existing functions.

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