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0030094Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2015-06-04 13:382016-02-02 19:35
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0030094: Be able to configure Web POS not to delete the receipts
As an extension to issue 30041, allow the web POS to keep track of deleted from pos tickets.
If the preference is active, when a line is removed from a ticket it will be visually deleted, but it will be stored in a deleted state and will be synchronized with the backend when the entire ticket is synchronized.
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depends on defect 0030041 closed aaroncalero Be able to configure Web POS not to delete the receipts 
depends on defect 0030075pi closed aaroncalero Return tickets should not be able to contain positive lines 
depends on defect 0030084 closed aaroncalero It is possible to skip the OBPOS_approval.deleteLine approval in several cases 
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