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0029425: Stabilization: The loading process does not fail if any model(s) failed to be loaded
Stabilization: The loading process does not fail if any model(s) failed to be loaded
In the ob-terminal-model.js file, insert a return:

 loadModels: function (windowv, incremental) {
    var windows, i, windowName, windowClass, datasources, timestamp = 0,

Verify that the application is loaded
Verify that the 'Error getting Business Partner information' error is shown
Verify that the javascript fails in the following line (title is undefined):

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related to defect 0029220RR15Q2 closed aaroncalero Total gross amount is not updated properly 
related to design defect 0027228 new marvintm Stabilization: Web POS should validate that models have been imported properly to Web POS 
blocks defect 0029396RR15Q3 closed Retail Stabilization: RR15Q3 related 
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This problem was fixed as part of the masterdata synchronization project, included in RR15Q3