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0029390Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2015-03-24 17:102016-07-13 11:21
30Professional Appliance
0029390: Reconciliation refactor project
Reconciliation refactor project
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causes defect 0029030 closed umartirena Match Statement Matching Algorithm fails under certain circumstances 
causes defect 0028755 closed Sandrahuguet It is not possible "leaving credit to be used later" when adding a payment in match statement. 
causes defect 00292383.0PR15Q2 closed umartirena Transactions created from "Match Statement" process are created in Draft status 
causes defect 0028971 closed Sandrahuguet Cannot pay a negative invoice with a payment of 0 amount and a G/L Item 
causes defect 00293923.0PR15Q3 closed umartirena Bank Statement Line amount should be maintained when registering payment out from Match statement process 
causes defect 0029464 closed vmromanos NullPointerException error when Adding Payment from Match Statement process and working with Automatic Payment Method 
causes defect 0029533 closed eduardo_Argal Transaction cannot be created from Match Statement for financial accounts of orgs not in natural tree of session org 
causes defect 0029534 closed umartirena Accounting Date is not updated when changing Transaction Date in Transaction tab under Financial Account 
causes defect 0028662 closed aferraz The business partner selector in Add New Transaction does not include all business partners 
causes defect 0028663 closed aferraz G/L Item default is lost in Match Statement -> Add New Transaction when transaction type is set to Bank Fee 
causes defect 0028668 closed eduardo_Argal Pressing Cancel in Match Statement or in Process Reconciliation does not trigger a refresh 
causes defect 0029697 closed jorge-garcia Description field is filled in with "null" in the FA Transaction when matched to GL Item 
causes defect 00295323.0PR15Q3 closed Sandrahuguet The done button appears disabled when it should not under some circumstances in Add Payment window 
causes defect 0030007 closed aferraz Payment schedule amount incorrectly calculated when adding a payment from reconcile window to a sales order 
causes defect 00308593.0PR15Q4 closed vmromanos Include option to match transactions with higher date than bank statement line date (and update transaction date to bsl date) 
causes defect 00308983.0PR15Q4 closed AtulOpenbravo Payment registered for child organization not found in Payment selector when running "add transaction" from Match Statement 
causes defect 00313853.0PR16Q1 closed aferraz Business Partner name defined in bank statement line is not loaded in Description field when Add Transaction from Match Statemen 
causes defect 00313873.0PR16Q1 closed aferraz Hover over Sender field in Match Statement pop-up only shows Business Partner Name instead of Business Partner Name and Descript 
causes defect 00313893.0PR16Q1 closed aferraz Hover over Matched Document does not show document details information as before, in Match Statement pop-up 
causes defect 00316973.0PR16Q1 closed vmromanos Bank Statement Line description overwritten with GL Item's description when adding gl item transaction form Match Statement 
causes defect 0032268 closed AtulOpenbravo Wrong payment status when unmatching bankstatement line manually matched against an invoice 
causes defect 0035477 closed markmm82 It is possible to create a bank fee transaction in financial account with both deposit and withdrawal amount different from 0 
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