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0028991Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2015-02-19 09:492015-03-11 09:48
0028991: When the field that points to the ID column of a parent tab is removed from ad_field, record creation in grid view does not work
Is the user removes from AD_FIELD a field that points to the ID field of its parent tab, then it is not possible to create a record in grid view for that tab.
As System Admin:
- Open the Windows, Tabs and Fields window
- Select the Unit of Measure window
- Select the Translation tab
- Clear the filters of the Fields tab.
- Remove the UOM field. This fields points to the ID column of the UOM tab.
- Compile and restart tomcat
- Open Unit of Measure
- Select any unit of measure
- Try to create a record in the Translation tab in grid view. It will not be possible.
Either prevent those fields to be removed, or create them automatically in the view generation of the field is missing from ad_field.
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