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0028970Retail ModulesCash Managementpublic2015-02-17 18:262015-03-13 15:18
0028970: When a session open and approved a cash difference backend fail
When a new session is open WebPOS and has a differentiated cash count and this difference is approved then the backend fails with an exception
1. Open WebPOS
2. Make a ticket and paid
3. Make a Cash Up, keep some cash
4. Enter in WebPOS again
5. In Open Session Window, count a different amount of cash, and approve a difference
6. In backend check for this error:
  ERROR org.openbravo.base.exception.OBException - @APRM_INVALID_TRANSACTION@

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blocks feature request 0028933RR16Q1 closed Retail QA: RR15Q2: Add tests for Mobile applications 
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2015-03-05 14:56   
The expected behavior. Because in the terminal payment methods, a new gl item should be configured. This gl item will be used when exist differences between cash count in last cashup done, and cash count in the open store. Miguel Alsasua added it to wiki. This clear now in wiki for configure the payment methods.
2015-03-13 15:18   
it is the expected behaviour