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0028685Openbravo ERP07. Sales managementpublic2015-01-20 11:192015-05-07 22:16
Google Chrome
0028685: Goods shipment and invoice relationship not created when launching "Create shipments from orders" form.
Relationship between goods shipment and invoice is not created if we have created previously the invoice and launch "Create shipments from orders" form in order to create goods shipment.

However, if we do not use that form and create good shipment manually (using "create lines from"), the relationship will be established in the correct way.
1- Create a sales order: qty=3.
2- Create sales invoice related to previous sales order: qty=3.
3.1- Try to create the good shipment manually creating a new record, using "create lines from" and selecting the invoice created on point 2 with qty=1. As you can see, once this record is completed, relationship between good shipment and invoice is established correctly.
3.2- Now, try to create the good shipment record using "Create Shipments from orders".
 - In the form, introduce "Order doc no." created on step 1.
 - Fill "Delivery Date" field in and press on Process button.
A new record has been created in Goods Shipment window, but it is not linked to invoice created on step 2.
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2015-03-07 16:52   
Test plan used:
1- Login into Openbravo ERP
2- Go to sales order and create a new header, select Immediate as Invoice Terms
3- Go to lines tab and create a new one, selecting a product with stock, qty=3
4- Book it
5- Go to sales invoice window and create a new header for the same organization and business partner
6- Click on Create Lines From and select previos order in the order's combo.
7- Select grid's records and click on OK button
8- Complete the invoice
9- Go to Create Shipments from orders form
10- Select created order and execute the process
11- A new shipment is created. Now go to invoice's line(s) created in step 5 and realize that now relationship with created shipment is seted successfuly.
2015-04-27 11:30   
Repository: erp/devel/pi
Changeset: e3567f5fee073f3c5a92b09a2554a70794996a67
Author: Reinaldo Guerra <reinaldo.guerra <at>>
Date: Fri Mar 06 19:08:58 2015 -0500
URL: [^]

Fixed bug 28685: Goods shipment and invoice relationship not seted in some cases

Goods shipment and invoice relationship was not created when creating shipments using manual form: "Create shipments from orders", so like happens when shipment's lines are created from an specific order, now the invoice's line related to the order, is updated with the shipment's line when it is created from the mentioned manual form, only if this field is null in the invoice's table, i.e. if the invoice is not linked to a previos shipment.
Now goods shipment and invoice relationship is created successfuly when launching "Create shipments from orders" form.
M_InOut_Create was modified so all processes that executed this stored procedure are affected with this change.

M src-db/database/model/functions/M_INOUT_CREATE.xml
2015-04-27 11:30   
Code review + testing OK
2015-05-07 22:16   
A changeset related to this issue has been promoted main and to the
Central Repository, after passing a series of tests.

Promotion changeset: [^]
Maturity status: Test